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Israel is known for it’s sacred places and warm people, but it is also one of the best wild life spots in the world. From amazing colourful coral reefs in the south to the migration fields of the cranes in the north. Explore the dazzling desert views, green mountains and valleys with rich tropical waters. We will take you on a journey to meet the real wild life of Israel and it’s surrounding.
Along side the wild life and landscapes we will also visit some of Israel’s main cultural attractions.

Day 1 -Ben Gurion Airport / Tel Aviv
Shalom, welcome to Israel’s cultural heart – Tel Aviv (Lonely Planet’s top 10 cities for 2011, Top 10 beach cities by National Geographic). after we meet and get to know each other, we will drive up north to Kfar Blum hotel, over viewing the Galilee landscape located just few steps from the Jordan river for dinner and overnight.

Day 2 Hula National Park

Hula national reserve

Cranes, Hula park by Nir Geiger


Just before sunrise we will head to Hula Ornithology (Bird Watching) and Nature Park. This large wetland conservation is famous for its birdlife and was declared by the BBC as one of the top 10 places in the world for bird watching. This unique eco-system is home to over half a billion birds during migration season. The lake and its surrounding are home to over 100 species of birds, and over half a dozen species of mammals.
A safari wagon tour will allow us an extra-close observation of the birds and other animals in their natural habitat.
This is a true delight for any bird enthusiast and nature photographer.
After a late breakfast we will hike along the route of the Banias River. The river originates from mount Hermon, runs through the volcanic canyon of the Banias flows to the Jordan River. As we walk further alongside the banks of the river, we will discover its hidden falls and gentle rapids
Close to sunrise we will go back to Hula Park for a sunset session in the safari wagon. At this time the huge flocks come back to the lake for the night’s sleep. The sight of hundreds of thousands of cranes gliding in the sky is breath taking.


Cranes during sunset – Pablo Rudaeff

Day 3 Gamla and the Golan Heights
After breakfast we will leave the hotel and drive up to Gamla Reserve. We will have a short walk to the edge of the cliff, where we will observe the morning rise of the king of birds – the majestic griffon vulture. Over 40 vultures nest In the rocky cliff walls of Gamla, and with some luck we will have a close up look of these magnificent creatures.
Later on during the morning we will take an ATV tour through the Golan Heights, observing the vineyards, the mountains, the wild life, the lava rocks scattered around and the true nature of the Golan Heights.
After lunch we will journey south to the holy city of Jerusalem and  experience the spiritual aspects of this unique and holy city.


Griffon Volture – Pablo Rudaeff

Day 4  Old City of Jerusalem
This day will be dedicated to visiting some of the most sacred places in Israel, focusing on powerful photographic opportunities such as portraits, culture, colourful markets and holy places.
Our first stop will be at the “Dome of the rock”, a holy place for the Muslims and an ancient, almost unchanged, beautiful architectural structure. Muslims believe the location of the  “Dome of the Rock” to be the site of Mohammad’s rise to the sky.
Later on we’ll enter the narrow streets of the old city, go through the Muslim market to the Christian quarter where we’ll visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. For many Christians this is the most important – pilgrimage destination, as the purported site of the resurrection of Jesus. Some claim it also contains the place where Jesus was buried. We will also visit the nearby Ethiopian church and meet the Ethiopian monks.
The last part of the Old city tour is the Western Wall or Wailing Wall, the holiest place for Judaism, as it’s a remnant of the ancient wall that surrounded the Jewish Temple.
After  a lunch in a local Jewish restaurant we will continue to “Machne Yehuda” market, the biggest and most famous market in Jerusalem, where we will meet the colourful people of the city.
We will finish our day photographing the sunset with a panoramic view of the City.
After the red and gold sunset we will take the bus and start to descent towards the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, at the altitude of -400 meters below sea level. We will Check-in the Hotel and enjoy the Spa for the evening.


Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem by Roie Galitz

Day 5  Dead Sea / Timna / Eilat
Wakeup call will be early as we would like to view the Sunrise at one of the most beautiful beaches of the Dead Sea where extraordinary salt formations and textures meet the crystal salt water, providing us an amazing scenery and beautiful photography opportunities.

Dead Sea - Shay Cohen

Dead sea salt formations

After breakfast we will drive south, to Mitzpe Ramon, a town that lies on the edge of the famous Ramon crater, one of nature’s unique phenomenon. after taking Panoramic shots we will take an ATV adventure tour in the desert. The vehicles will lead us deep into the magic secrets of the desert. Entering the crater will reveal more of the mystery and expose us to the Local Ibex, volcanic rocks, minerals, colourful sand and fossils.
After lunch we will drive south to Timna Park – a geological window to the mighty forces of nature. The park features unique rock formations carved by wind and water for millions of years.  This Park unique scenery and the low light pollution will allow us to create breath taking long exposure photos of the Milky Way and star trails.


Timna Park by Tomer Razabi

We will then head to Israel’s southernmost city – Eilat for an overnight stay.

 Day 6 Eilat
Our day will start with a relaxed boat cruise. Among the waters of the Red Sea lies one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.  Its beautiful fish that swim among the majestic coral have made it an internationally-renowned diving site. Snorkelling and scuba gear will be waiting for us on board. Lunch will be served on the boat.
After the cruise we will enjoy a free afternoon on the beach. you can also decide to spend your time in one of Eilat’s tax free malls.
We will stay in Eilat for Dinner and overnight. 


Broomtail wrasse, Eilat Red sea by Nir Geiger

Day 7 Jordan – Aqaba and Wadi Rum
After a hearty breakfast in Eilat we will arrive to the Jordanian border crossing.
A bus will take to Akaba where we can enjoy a late morning Humus. With full bellies and high spirits we will drive north to Wadi Rum, the land of the sand rock mountains, towering over 1,700 meters high. We will meet our Bedouin and their Jeeps there. They will guide us through the breathtaking red sand stone views of the wadi.
Just after sundown we will experience authentic Bedouin hospitality, enjoy a hot glass of local tea, a traditional Bedouin dinner and go to sleep in a big bedouin tent, with nothing but the silence of the desert around us.


camels by Tomer Razabi

Day 8 Jordan – Petra / Tel aviv
The sons of the Bedouin Sheikh will serve us breakfast. We will then leave and drive through the endless dunes and canyons to Petra, the Nabatean city carved into the red sand rock. This ancient architectural structure was chosen as one of  The Seven Wonders of the World for a reason.
After lunch we will start our journey back to Tel Aviv, the city that never goes to sleep.


Petra byTomer Razabi

Day 9 Jaffa Old City / Ben Gurion Airport
If you survived the Tel Aviv Nightlife, you will join us for our last day at the Old City of Jaffa.
Our feet will take us through the narrow cobblestone alleys, down towards the old port of Jaffa, where we will meet the fishermen as they come back to the port with their fresh catch after a long night in the Mediterranean sea.
We will have our last Humus In one of Jaffa’s traditional Arabic restaurants.
Now it’s time to say goodbye and hug. The bus will transfer us from Tel Aviv to Ben Gurion airport.

*subjected to flight time.


Price:  €3,577

  •  7 nights in mentioned Hotels or similar (2 person per room)
  • 1 night in a Beduin Tent
  • HB in hotels and Lunches on
  • Transfer from and to airport
  • Luxury Big Bus
  • English speaker guide
  • Photography guide
  • Entrance fees in sites mentioned above
What’s not Included:
  •  Flights to Israel
  •  Border taxes in Israel/ Jordan Borders: $65 per person to be paid in the borders
  •  Drinks in meals
  •   Tips to driver/guide
  •   Travel Insurance
  •   Personal expenses


All the prices include V.A.T. & any other taxes, duties, levies, road tolls or fees.

Accommodation free places from persons accommodating in standard twin/dbl rooms. 

We reserve the right to revise pricing due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control such as increase in fuel prices, labor costs, taxes, etc.Safety all our products include a detailed safety plan. 

Tour Dates:

October 15, 2014

October 24, 2014

All prices and plans a subjected to changes until final agreement.

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